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Friday, July 20, 2012


Un po' di foto di Viola tutta ingioellata, un mese fa in occasione del suo ventottesimo giorno di vita.


When Lila turned four weeks, achamma asked us to take some pictures of her wearing the jewellery she has been gifted (already!). She normally prefers a simpler look, but for the occasion she agreed to pose in a little white dress, necklace and bangles - who knew they make them in this size?

This was almost a month ago, but anyway here it is:

Classy, I'd say.

Here is Lila with her papa', showing the beginning of a desire to relax in her usual lounging attire.

But first a quick call to the grandparents - with mamma always hovering with the camera to add to the stress.

It's just too much...

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