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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ooty construction update

The photos below were taken on June 22 - the day before Rohan's birthday, which is why I remember. They show the ongoing work to build a small house near Ooty, a cool (in this case meaning "not hot", which in India is cool in every sense) little town on the mountains surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and eucalyptus forests.

Let me not go into the details of what we have to do with the construction of this house - so to respect people's privacy for once :) ..but I thought I'd show what the construction site looks like.

Here is the access.

We go down that path and enter from here:

I think this one below was a bedroom and the next two are the living room and the kitchen. By the way, everything looks a little more spacious than it really is, because I still had the wide angle lens on from earlier.

The view from the living room (and outside, with the blue jacket, you can see my mom trying to literally jump off a cliff).

And if you still need proof that we are really bad parents, just look at where we let the kids run around.

Oh, and that is Lila there, in the little bundle on my chest. And it was also raining a little bit.


  1. This looks awesome, we might want to come visit when it's all done ;)