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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Come le ciliege

Rohan dice "mamma" (o giu' di li'), ormai ne sono sicura. E come se non bastasse, ha anche iniziato a camminare costeggiando i mobili, sempre appoggiandosi naturalmente. Lui ogni tanto prova a lasciar andare il suo appoggio, ma i risultati sono dolorosi.

Big milestones come in pairs. Rohan is saying "mamma" (and more variations on the same theme). Sometimes he makes those sounds accidentally but S and I are quite sure that often he really means it. He has also started "cruising", i.e. walking holding on to some piece of furniture. Have I mentioned before that he is a genius? :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ho trascurato i sei mesi purtroppo, quindi festeggiamo i sette.

Non c'e' molto da dire, tranne che Rohan e' un bimbo splendido, dolcissimo e molto intelligente. Gattona ormai con disinvoltura, ma sempre con cautela. La sua vera ambizione pero' e' camminare e si vede subito da come si destreggia a tirarsi in piedi aggrappato ai mobili e a riposizionarsi per terra senza farsi male che la stoffa del bipede c'e' tutta. Dovra' aspettare ancora qualche mese, ma non ho avuto il coraggio di dirglielo. Intanto la settimana scorsa io, Rajiv e Rohan abbiamo fatto un bel girotondo tutti insieme - Rohan tenendo me con una mano e Rajiv nell'altra, contentissimo. Niente male, eh?

E per dimostrarvi che mio figlio e' un genio (entrambi i figli, ma non divaghiamo), Rohan capisce quando dico "Batti batti le manine" e cerca di battere le mani. Sembra l'eroe di un film muto, povero, pero' il movimento c'e', il sonoro verra' con i mesi e la pratica.

Sotto ci sono tre foto: le prime due di circa un mese fa e l'ultima di oggi.


Rohan is seven months old! I didn't make a big deal when he turned six months because I was on a blogging break, so let me make a big deal now :)

Rohan is an adorable baby, very sweet and very intelligent - always trust the mom on this. He is crawling very well now and he is pulling up to stand without many accidents at all - he is very careful and yet daring, because already he tries to hold on to the furniture only with one hand. He makes a lot of cute sounds, he likes people more than anything else and he is learning to clap. It's very early for this, but I told you he was a genius, no?

A few pictures.

About a month and a half ago.

About a month ago.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A room without a view

Some of you probably already know the whole story of S's suspected chronic appendicitis, but even if you don't I won't go into all the details here. Suffices to say that S was admitted to the hospital today and he is now, as I type, sleeping off his anesthesia while his appendix rests in a jar.

He is in the same hospital were I went for the same surgery in November, but I had a much better room, with a nice view. His room instead is a little dark and the small window has a not very promising greenish glass. I haven't investigated the view any further but all in all it is a bit depressing. In any case, he will come home tomorrow evening and if he is smart (and is given enough drugs) he will probably spend the time until then sleeping.

I am home alone with the two little guys, but so far all is going well. Should I be scared?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dad, Kipper and some more stuff

First of all, Happy New Year!

I haven't written for a while and as you might expect there is a lot of backlog, but I will try and catch up by unloading on you massive amounts of videos and photos with minimal captioning - not a bad thing at all, probably.

The reason for the long silence is in part that I have been vary busy trying to attend some lectures and thinking about my plans for the future. However, as most of you surely already know, the main reason why I haven't made an effort to write is that my father died in the middle of December and, while it was impossible for me to write about it for several unpleasant reasons, it also didn't seem to make much sense to just keep going as if nothing had happened.

There are things I would have probably written here that now don't seem appropriate anymore. I will think about it and maybe I will come back to this topic later on, or I might not. I wanted to at least post a picture, but unfortunately the most recent I have is from a year and a half ago. Here it is, at the Torino airport.

My favorite picture of my father is another one, from my childhood, but I can't show it to you now. I took it when I was about seven years old I think, with my first camera - Fisher-Price childproof camera, one of the best gifts ever. It was Easter and we were having a family gathering. My dad posed for a photo in the act of lowering an asparagus into his mouth and although I say so myself, it is really a great picture. The only print I have is in a photo album in Torino, so I won't be able to post it until (if) I succeed in making a decent digital copy of it.

Anyway, let us move on to the promised goodies. For this first post I want to show you three videos. The first two were filmed in Calicut during the Christmas holidays. Those were early crawling days for Rohan, he is faster and less prone to accidents now. In case you are wondering, there is really no point to either of the videos, it is just an attempt to capture a little bit of comforting chaos.

The last video is not a home movie, but I thought I would share with you one of Appu's favorite episodes of Kipper The Dog. We love Kipper around here and I think nonna Laura will be especially pleased by this particular choice. I recommend you all watch it, Kipper is good for you.