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Saturday, August 17, 2013

A week ago in Ooty

A few photos from our trip to Ooty:

Change of clothes! (Way overdue: the previous shirt had been worn for about 48 hours, thanks to our usual brilliant planning.)

But Rohan doesn't fear the cold and shows his abs instead.

Ready to go!

A few wrestling hugs follow. I took lots of photos, mostly because I can't resist stripey sweaters - could you tell?

And more stripes. The little sister is not too happy to be excluded from the fun, it seems.

Next are a shot of the view from Casa Gialla,

and papa' with achamma on the steps :)

The last photos were taken early morning, after our first successful overnight stay at Casa Gialla.

I think it is a lovely place, although you probably cannot tell from my rushed snapshots. If only we could have reliable power and giant spiders out-of/far-from the house, then it would be perfect.

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