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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The day before Halloween special

Sometimes I underestimate my little Appu. It didn't occur to me that he might have an opinion about his Halloween costume until last week, when I asked him and he surprised me by saying that he was going to be a pumpkin. I asked him what Rohan wanted to be and he said Rohan should be a small pumpkin. The very uncrafty mom that I am, I searched the local second hand listings and found two nice costumes just the right size. Appu was very happy to drive to pick them up and bring them home, but he didn't try on his costume until yesterday.

Today we expect to have more Halloween fun, but for the moment you can enjoy some snaps from the rehearsal.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few pictures

Appu dressed up for the birthday party of his friend Kalena, a couple of weeks ago.

And Rohan trying to be cute.

I have lots of pictures of the party as well, but I'm not sure the other parents want their kids on the net, so this is the only one I will show.

Little brothers sleeping in the stroller.

For something completely different, Rajiv skating on two building blocks in the living room.

Baby in a box.

And last but not least, we can only hope, mamma with glasses!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Words roundup

Rohan is beginning to talk. He says "bye", mostly unprovoked. He also says "mamma" and "papa'", somewhat interchangeably, and he says something like "ta-ta" when he is offered milk and he wants to express his enthusiasm (in Italian "milk" is "latte".)
He says "ba" for "ball" and "wawa" for water. The word he uses most skillfully though is "NO!!", exclamation marks included. :)

Rajiv, in the meantime, is getting more articulate and I wish I kept a notebook with all of his noteworthy expressions.

A few recent favorites:

Mamma offers him some pasta with broccoli. The big chunk of broccoli have been of course removed, but a few offending green fragments are still sticking to the pasta. Appu looks at is sadly and then tries: "I want to wash it..."

"I want a new computer!" (wasn't this supposed to happen at least ten years from now?)

Papa': "Are you a baby?"
Appu (with the confidence of who has just spotted a trick question): "No, I am a girl!"

Appu: "Rohan is so cute"
Mamma: "He is, and Appu is cute too!"
Appu (smiling at the silliness): "No, I am big!"

(whithin a few seconds)
"I am sad... I am mad!! .. I'm all better" :)