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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

We Are (Almost) Back!

Hello, my loyal readers! (Si`, mamma, mi riferisco proprio a te.)

I have often thought that I would like to revive the blog, but then I never did, mostly because whenever I think about all the stuff that I haven't talked about, and the pictures that I still would like to share, but that require a backstory that I have not written, my system crashes. I like to read convoluted stories, sometimes, but I like to write things in the right order - or else, it seems, I just don't write at all. 

I also worry about oversharing, now that my children are older, but I will talk about this some other time. I will say that my policy has always been to not write anything that I wouldn't want my children to read at some point, so that is something I will still try to do.

What tipped the balance toward giving the blog another try, in the last few weeks, was a combination of small events: some friends visited us here in Torino and they kept a travel journal on facebook, which made me instantly jealous of the memories that they will be able to preserve (I would, however, not want to share my family memories on Facebook, but that just reflect something about the composition of my particular group of Facebook friends); in the same days, I tried to take advantage of a discount to print out Le Avventure Di Due Fratellini, and in the process I had to go through some of the posts that I wrote so long ago, which resulted in a feeling of frustration when my English didn't flow so smoothly, but also made me grateful that I did take the time to record some quite hectic but very precious times in our lives; and last, Rajiv just turned ten years old (yikes!), so obviously time moves much faster when you don't write stuff down.

In summary, I am now convinced that I must urgently start blogging again, except that I can't, because I just received communication (after more than a month of waiting) that Rajiv's exam to certify his passage from primary school to middle school, will actually take place, and from the email that I received the whole things sounds a bit scarier than I had envisioned it. So now I need to freak out, make plans, practice exam etiquette with Rajiv, prepare some kind of portfolio to show the committee, write a professional-looking fifth grade curriculum, and more things that I just wrote down in my freshly-developed Exam Master Plan.

The long stories I was planning to save for posterity will have to wait, but I might still post a few photos to get back into the habit, so stay tuned-ish..