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Sunday, April 25, 2010


The weekend is slowly coming to an end and the IPL is finally over (a few minutes to go as I type), for which we are thankful. But it was also a good weekend for other reasons, starting with our stay at the Ideal Beach resort in Mahabalipuram with Ninju and her parents.

We spent most of the time either in the pool, or in the restaurant, or transitioning the kids from one to the other. Appu loves being in the water and with his water wings he can get in and out of the pool by himself without fear, but he wouldn't let go of the edge without somebody to coil himself around. His solo floating record is about five seconds. Kunju entered the pool too, alternating between suspicion and delight, but unfortunately the cutest event of the decade will remain undocumented because the dad was taking laps in the pool instead of taking pictures as instructed.


  1. Wow, quant'è diventato grande (e serio?!?) il Rajivvottolo... ;-)

  2. E' bello vedere questi bimbi che crescono insieme ..... meno male che lì c'è una famiglia in espansione ...

    Anche il posto è molto bello. Dov'è? ... e l'acqua della piscina è di mare o di rubinetto ?


  3. E' a meno di un'ora da qui, vicino a Mahabalipuram. L'acqua e' di rubinetto. E' il posto dove ti avevo invitata a venire a fine giugno per qualche giorno.