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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The usual delayed photo avalanche

Un sacco di foto della nostra gita a Calicut per il matrimonio di Shiv e Deepu il mese scorso. Gli sposi non si vedono per niente, ma in compenso ci sono un sacco di bambini scatenati!

Pictures from our trip to Calicut about one month ago.

All abooooard!

Rohan is reunited with his achamma...

... and Rajiv lives the good life with grapes, a powerful fan and Blue's Clues.


The next day, lots of fun with Armaan.


And then it's party time! Rohan, however, doesn't care much for it, especially with the paparazzi following him.

A glimpse of the rel party.

And then look! Everybody's favorite chicha is in town and the children go crazy :)

Follows a quiet Sunday morning practicing martial arts at home.

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