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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week seventeen

The big news this week is that our little almost four month old baby has learned to roll from back to tummy. Yeah for Rohan!

Appu learned to roll at about the same age and this fundamental milestone opened up for him a new world of play and discovery. It also started our diaper change struggles, because our little guy could no longer bear to be on his back even for a second. The moment his shoulders touched a flat surface he would flip as if he had a spring under his butt. Our little Appu never seemed to do anything gradually - for example when he learned to crawl he was so taken with it that he would sometimes try to crawl over the pillow in his sleep at night.

Rohan instead, doesn't seem to be in a hurry. He slowly moves one leg across his body and then from there keeps reaching until he finds himself on his side and then keeps working on it until, to his own great shock, his tummy touches the floor. At that point most of the times he cries and looks as if he is wondering who did that to him. He doesn't roll often, only a few times a day, but he is getting used to it. He seems to be a little more cautious than his older brother and maybe a little less independent, in the sense that he prefers to look at someone's face and smile back rather than go exploring around (not that he can explore much yet :) ). All he really seems to want is somebody's company and attention.

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