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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week fifteen

Yes, I skipped week fourteen. And we are leaving tomorrow for a trip, so if I don't post something today chances are my usual laziness will take over and the blog will go into hibernation (right, we wish...).

What is new? Nothing very exciting, but I am slowly getting into a stay-at-home-mom routine. I say byebye to Appu in the morning and he goes to daycare with his dad. Then I pick up all Appu's puzzles from the floor and I play with my littlest one or read to him, or I put him down for his nap. Sometimes we work out together a little. I have one of those mom&baby dvds and he loves it, he smiles for the whole fifteen minutes (yes, I know, I won't be getting ready for the next chennai marathon with this :D ) Later in the day we might go out shopping, or if he is feeling sticky we might take a shower together. He really likes the sound and he seems to enjoy the water falling on his head, he never cries. Nothing much, but overall we have a good time and I am not going insane yet.

Today I took the perfect Rohan picture. There he is, our little boy, laughing like a maniac, as his dad would say.

In the last few days he has wanted to be on his tummy more and more and he is definitely becoming more active. He can roll from tummy to back and he is working on the way back, but so far he has only managed to turn on his side and that is a source of endless frustration to him.

In the afternoon we went to the doctor and it turns out Rohan is almost 7 kg now. He might get his BCG caccine tomorrow morning, but we are having a few doubts because he seemed a bit unwell in the last hours. Could he be teething? If you lived with us you would know that this is the million dollar question, the doubt that fills every day of our lives. We always think that our children are teething. I don't even know if Appu is supposed to have any more teeth coming any time soon, but we are still sure that teething explains why he drools over evrything, bites his dad's shoulder and chews on his puzzle cards.

By the way, let me conclude with this picture. This shows beyond any doubts that S is Appu's father. Just look at the family frown! You would think the little one is reading algebraic geometry, but in fact he is just watching Dora on tv ("'sioni!"). Rohan has the frown too, but it might take me a while to get it on camera, so please be patient.

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  1. mamma mia ! Appu in questa foto dimostra almeno 16 anni ...
    Rohan invece sembra che si sia finalmente accorto che c'รจ tutto un mondo attorno a lui, e che la cosa gli piaccia un sacco !!!