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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week four

We almost made it to a month. I would say this with more enthusiasm if I weren't so tired and sleepy, but overall things are still going quite well.

Noteworthy events include:
  • We got the PIO cards that we had applied for in October!
  • And I just received a few minutes ago Rohan's birth certificate (which could have taken several more weeks to come, so this is close to a miracle)...
  • ... so it seems we are actually going to be able to leave the country at the end of August. Yay!
  • We found some daycare for Appu in a really nice place, with his friend Kalena, and it is likely that the same center will accept him when we come back after my maternity leave. It is walkable from both home and the office and it is the most peaceful daycare center I have seen in my short but intense career as childcare seeker. What else could we ask for?
  • In the meantime, while Appu starts transitioning to the new center, we keep taking advantage of all the summer activities that Waterloo has to offer to desperate moms with toddlers. Last week it was the music class, this week it is the swimming class. He was scared of the water at first, but we already made a bit of progress, so perhaps he will not be stapled to me like a clam for the next two weeks... The high point of the class: we learnt the "fishy" version of the Boogie Woogie song. "Put your left fin in, put your left fin out...

My favorite photos from the past week:

Appu trying to pretend he doesn't care about the camera while keeping a dignified silence and a very serious expression. This was some sort of protest, but unfortunately for him I have no idea what the problem was.

This instead is a variation of the classic measurement problem, aka "you cannot capture on camera a peacefully sleeping baby - especially if you are using a flash".

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  1. Buon compimese, piccolissimo Rohan !
    ... e tanti bacioni al piccolo Rajiv !!