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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week five

One more week has gone by. Rohan's neck is getting stronger and so are his screams. He still doesn't care much for play, but he can now follow a moving object with his eyes so he is entertained by mobiles and S's juggling balls. We still haven't found a good pet name for him, so we just call him Rohan and his brother calls him "Roran". You would have to hear this to know how cute it is...

My mother arrived yesterday and she will stay with us until the middle of August, almost three weeks. I really hope that Appu can bond with her in this time, unfortunately he doesn't get to see her very often. He seems comfortable with her though and is already calling her "nonna".

Both kids are sleeping now and if I stay up to blog instead of going to bed I will deserve what I get... so goodnight!

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