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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today I was chased by a monkey. After lunch, I was leaving the canteen building at the institute with S and the boys and I was carrying a couple of bananas to keep as afternoon snacks. S was a few steps ahead and called me to show a few monkeys coming toward us. Usually we are quite excited to see monkeys, but this time one of them moved quickly in my direction and caught me completely by surprise. It didn't even occur to me, at first, that it might be after my snack. I took a couple of steps back and then just turned around and ran back to the lunch area. When I looked back I saw that the monkey had stopped, but it charged again soon after. I ran again and tossed the bananas on top of a table, were the monkey collected them easily before jumping away.

The monkey was about half my size, but it looked quite strong and scary right then. No more bananas out in the open! At least the kids were not scared, in fact quite the opposite. We had to have a little chat to explain that no, it is not ok if a monkey "just wants to jump on you, mamma" (Rajiv's words). :)

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