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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Photos from our trip to Goa two weeks ago. Nonna was with us too, and will stay with us until early April.

A spontaneous tree hugging session on our first morning of holiday.

The art of being cute. In case you are wondering, here Appu is forming a heart shape with his fingers, to show that he loves that tree.

"Dunes shack", good view and very good food. And extremely tired kids!

A walk on the beach at sunset.

Beach activities: hugging Lila and drawing in the sand.

This was the next day - the kids got to help make some clay banks.

Another walk on the beach.

This time the boys decide to make a "sand volcano".

Crab hole, with tiny balls of excavated sand. There were lots of them.

And the last day, we took a walk to a different beach. Here nonna is making friends with some local dogs.

Appu demonstrates his sword skills.

And this below is just me trying to take artistic pictures :)

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