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Monday, September 3, 2012

Please tell us a story

Tulika, my favorite Indian publisher of children's books, is holding a nice online initiative. You can read about it here.

In short, the idea is for everyone who wishes to participate to think of what different versions of Indian myths they have heard and write down a few. They also ask for some details of when and where that version of the myth was heard, to complete the story. All of it in 300-500 words, so no full Ramayana required :) Then all of these stories will be linked to from their page and that should be quite interesting and entertaining, I think, especially for someone like me - and my kids - who hasn't heard many of these stories before.

I think it would be fun to participate and it would be a good opportunity to collect some traditional stories to share with Rohan and Rajiv. The catch of course is that I don't know any of these stories, let alone multiple versions of them, so I was hoping to enlist the help of the most gifted storytellers of this side of the family. Can anybody spare the time to tell us a story, or a couple of them?

To participate in the Tulika event we need to have the stories by September 10, but even if we miss that deadline I can guarantee you publication on my humble blog and a bedtime reading of your masterpiece to the kids.

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