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Sunday, August 19, 2012

You can(not) stand in an artist's way

As is the trend these days, I made sure the kids have a little corner of their own where they can write, draw, paint and generally express their creativity - and plenty of supplies. And yet we don't really seem to have art time very often around here.




All this happened in a controlled environment - because I was there - but later in the day we had a second unsupervised incident involving most of a large bottle of yellow paint. This time I was too traumatized to take photos. (Plus, my earlier reportage cost me a red paint spot on my lens. How do you make a freaking out smiley?)

We need to find a way to tell Rohan that once is adorable, twice it was an accident - my fault, I didn't put the paint away; three times and he might experience some setbacks in career.

Rajiv was very careful with the paint and as a result he didn't get any of the attention. Isn't it how it always works?
To try and set things right, I am going to show you Rajiv's work too. He made hand prints, and signed it too :)

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