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Saturday, August 4, 2012

We miss Canada

Always, and especially when something reminds us of it, like this picture that Meaghan, the kids' former nanny, just sent me.

April 2011, Rohan and Rajiv sitting on the tree stump in Waterloo Park, about a fifteen minutes walk from our house. Sob..


  1. There is a nice park by our house in Cambridge! And it's also freezing cold here in the winter. Come visit :-) We have enough sleeping space for all five of you!

  2. Sorry I didn't reply right away, I was busy booking our flight :)

  3. :-P We actually do have adequate sleeping space for all five of you in one room (a bed and an air mattress) plus your own bathroom, so if you ever do need to stay, you're all always welcome. :-D Sorry that you'll be missing our housewarming/my 30th birthday celebration in a few weeks!