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Monday, August 13, 2012

Three brothers

Last week we had company. Jayadev, velliamma and velliacha staid with us for a few days and I don't need to say how excited the kids were to have their cousin here for the first time. We had ups and downs, the way you would expect when you have three boys but not three exact replicas of each toy car, but we also had a lot of fun.

We hit a low when Rohan asked me to send his cousin back home, but even while he was saying that he was also already elaborating on how much he was going to miss him after he was gone.. That's when I thought of taping a huge long sheet of paper to the floor so that they boys could color together. I was really proud of my craftiness, until I heard the first "He is coloring on my picture!" scream.

They also played pirates, cars, puzzles, cars and other fun stuff, being very loud most of the time. Just like brothers.

I thought I would show some drawings that Jayadev made while he was here:

In the first he is with his two little brothers and in the next picture you can see that there is a car for each of them - at last.. :) The boys got to choose their hair color and Appu is wearing a shirt of his favorite color, which I think is a really nice touch. Appu and Rohan were quite happy with all of this.





  1. Lila is really just stunningly beautiful. I feel so sad that I have not met her yet!! I love the look on her face in the second photo :-)

    But when do we get an update on how Appu's test day went?

  2. I think I am supposed to reply that we have a really ugly baby, so the evil spirits will leave us alone. :D

    About Appu, the teachers talked to Sujay today morning and he seems to have "passed" overall, although he failed the "cut around the drawing of the fish" bit. I can't wait to hear more when they come home, I hope Sujay has harassed the teachers enough to get all the details.