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Monday, July 16, 2012

Planes, big and small

Nonna was here with us for a month. On Saturday, before her flight, I thought it would be nice for the children to do something special with their grandma. I wasn't sure what though, because their Italian consists of around ten words and is only slightly worse than nonna's English.

Then I remembered that my mom had made a pretty advanced paper airplane for me to take to a school competition once. Apparently her father was a master paper airplane engineer and she inherited a few of his skills. I don't think she remembers how to make those planes now, but with the help of a (really cool) book of instructions that we had at home she set to work.

You can see the result below. It's a simple plane, the first and easiest one in the book, but it was built very carefully (and painfully slowly, but that is nonna's trademark :)) and flies well. It is robust too, because it is still around two days and many adventures later.

I documented the first flight from the bunk bed. Appu was eager to start, but he obviously needed a bit of practice.

Then he figured it out:


Bye bye nonna, torna presto!

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