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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Es geht

So how is it going? Does she sleep? Indeed she does, a lot. She sleeps quite well at night - not as well as I could, just to clarify, but well enough for being only two months. She sleeps a lot during the day too, if I hold her, not so much if I don't.

Mostly I sit in front of my laptop with Lila on my shoulder or in my arms, sometimes feeding her and sometimes just holding her, and I entertain myself by playing Sudoku and Minesweeper, or I type stuff with one hand, like I'm doing now, or I edit my photos - with one hand, or shop online.. you get the idea.

If I am feeling especially alert I also think about beginning to prepare for the quantum mechanics course I have to start teaching in August, but I haven't progressed to actually doing it, yet.

I am looking forward to resuming the German class with S at Rajiv's school though, and hence the title.

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