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Monday, September 19, 2011

What could possibly prompt me to resurrect the blog after months of silence?

Well, it shouldn't be hard to guess :)

Some of our relatives have already received the news and at first I thought that I would wait to be further along in my pregnancy before spreading the news. After all, I am only 4 weeks pregnant, which means that there is no guarantee at all that this mustard seed sized lump of cells will hang in there for the distance.

Obviously though I changed my mind about the early announcement. The reason is that I really would like everybody to know that we are very excited and very happy at the idea of having another baby. It was discussed at great length and it was planned. If this time it doesn't work out we will most likely try again.

All this to say, I know three kids sounds like an excess to many people, but please be happy for us and show it next time you see us :) Just like the other two times...


  1. This is so great!!! I am really happy for you guys. Even if it is early, we are also starting to think of a second one :) Not right now, but 6 months to a year from now... and after that if things are still good, I hope we'll shoot for a third as well :)
    Hope everything will go smoothly for the pregnancy. Once again congratulations!


  2. Congratulations!!!!! Girl, girl, girl! And go, go go!

  3. Hey, just wondering how is the pregnancy going?
    Have a good day