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Friday, March 18, 2011

Trip to the Vandalur zoo

Last Sunday we went to the zoo. It's not too far from home, actually, and it is a pleasant drive, for a change. The kids, of course, loved it.

We decided to take one of the zoo's vehicles to do a full tour. Here is little monkey #1, waiting patiently for our ride.

"Can I get any cuter?"
"And can I go inside with the geese?"
I wish we had walked instead, because with the tour we were allowed only a few minutes to see each animal, but at least we did get a glimpse of most of the place. It was a good advertisement and it convinced us that we should come back to see more.
"It's a leopard cub!" Uhm, not really...

We did walk around a little at the end. We spent some time looking at various kinds of monkeys and we waited for the giraffes to a little closer to the gate so I could take a decent shot (above). Little monkey #2 was very happy and wanted to join the giraffes.
Nothing can stop the determined explorer!

Some family photos:

Rohan reaches unnoticed inside mamma's bag
"Mango juice!"
Taking rest and playing with papa'.
And they are all looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME!!

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