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Monday, January 24, 2011

Photos You Have Missed - Part 5

Un po' di foto della settimana prima di Natale.

These are photos from just before Christmas.

The first is a typical sight this days: Appu in his "nest". Other times it might be a "house" or a "cage" (which for some reason he thinks would be very cozy) or a "bedroom" or just a "bed". Occasionally we make "boat".

Cello practice.

Christmas decorations. The poor tree will never forgive us for leaving him alone with the two little disasters.

"Oh no, the flash is hurting my eyes!"

"Uhm... Maybe if I come closer... AAAAAAAAAH!"

"Much better!"

And to finish, a little bit of Appu cuteness.

Coming soon, the actual Christmas Holidays. Stay tuned.

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