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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A tale of three continents

Un sacco di foto che documentano il nostro percorso dall'India verso il Canada a fine giugno.


I have some cute photos from our last days in India and then our stay in Brussels and Torino on the way to Canada. All of this happened about three months ago, but "better late than never" should be the official title of this blog.

But first, a disclaimer:

It might appear that Rajiv is always wearing the same clothes in these photos. In fact, he is. He has strong opinions about what looks good on him and purple or stripes are his favorite. However, we do wash his clothes, occasionally, if he allows it.

Here we go:

June 19th 2010 - dinner at Kuttamama's house

June 20th 2010 - Rohan's birthday party at Vanilla Place (these were mostly taken by Anu)

June 23rd - Brussels, Emiliano's home after a long long trip

June 24th 2010 - at the playground near my place in torino

September 30th - very early morning in Torino getting ready to catch our flight

June 30th - in Brussels with Emiliano again - some people very tired, some people not so much

And then the day after we left Europe and finally reached home here in Waterloo.

The end.

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  1. Ma allora adesso vivete in Canada? per quanto? Non riesco piĆ¹ a starvi dietro tra un continente e l'altro! :) bacioni da Francesca C.