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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pictures from Ooty - Round 1

Prima parte delle foto della gita a Ooty di qualche settimana fa.

Ooty is a lovely place with very unusual sights for South India, so after so many months in Chennai it was a welcome break. I took more than three hundred pictures in four days, but no worries: you don't have to see them all. Still, even trying to choose my favorites, I have too many to feed you at one go, so here is the first batch. The rest will follow soon.

The first few photos were taken on the way there. We stopped so that I could take some pictures of the eucalyptus forest and the kids welcomed the opportunity to take a few steps out of the car.

We bought carrots on the way. Apparently these hills are, among other things, the carrot kingdom.

That same day in the afternoon S. and I and the kids went for a walk to meet some relatives who run a school there. Rajiv and Jayadev had a blast together and they walked a very long distance without complaining too much.

When we made it back achamma and Rohan where waiting for us at the gate of the hotel.

To be continued...

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