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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday morning tradition

Appu loves idlys, so we only eat idlys for breakfast, every day. On Sunday, when the lady who comes to cook in the morning takes her deserved day off, we go to have idlys at Murugan Idly Shop in Besant Nagar, near the daycare. We sometimes go during the week as well, for an early dinnerish snack after picking up the kids. It is one of our favorite places in Chennai and surely the cheapest of our favorite places, which helps, but most importantly it is Appu's most favorite restaurant on the planet.

Here is what happens every Sunday morning. We leave the house with a tired and cranky little boy who doesn't know he is very hungry.

Murugan is often full and we wait for a while to get a table. Sometimes Appu just runs around, sometimes he waits in papa's arms, like this time.

Then we sit, Appu gets his own banana leaf of which he is very proud, and we order our idlys. Appu just can't understand while the waiters keep giving idlys to other people and don't come straight to us, by the way; it is a difficult concept I sometimes struggle with myself.

Hooray! Now we need sambaar. And we need mamma to break the first idly into small pieces, because they are very very hot (YUM!).

That's it. Then Appu will eat, all by himself, two or three idlys. Last Sunday a record of almost four! He sits the whole time, carefully dips his idly in the sambaar, asks for more whenever the waiter is around because you never know if you are going to see him again, and every now and then goes to wash his hands, which is a lot of fun.

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