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Friday, May 21, 2010

A little update from the construction site

The work is stressfully going on. Will it be finished before we leave? It seems highly unlikely, but no panic yet.

This is what the site looks like at the moment.

Our flat is on the 11th floor so we had to go up with a scary construction lift. (I would have happily walked up, by the way, but nobody else shared my feelings.)

I took a few photos from the windows of the flat, so you can get an idea of what the view is going to be like.

I like dry landscapes, so this is fine, provided they don't build anuthing horrendous right in front of us in the coming years. The flat across from ours has a much better view, but I kind of remember it not being available when we picked ours, so no recriminations.

The buildings are being painted and it makes a big difference. Look.

Last week:


This was our flat last week, before the workers started laying the tiles. Now it is much more messy, with piles of sand taking over the space.

(Yes, there is somebody taking a nap on the floor in the first picture.)

These are the first tiles on the wall in the bathrooms. We went with brick stile in two of them and larger tiles in the third one, but the color is always the same. We are very boring. But classy :)

We are still trying to decide what to do with the wash area. Large corner mirror? Small mirror and lots of blue tiles? Not sure...

In the meantime the most urgent concern is about the kitchen. I don't even want to tsart telling you about the amount of anxiety that it has caused us, but we seem to see the end of the ordeal at this point. We had to accept some compromises, but the kitchen tiles will be laid next week and hopefully the kitchen will be in place just before we go back to Canada.

Lots of hard work... :)

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