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Friday, April 16, 2010

Steps, pools, drums and more fun.

My laptop is undergoing some serious surgery after Rajiv has liberally showered it with juice last week, so my blogging capabilities are somewhat limited. Regular (not bad for a joke, eh?) posts will resume as soon as possible - and pictures too.

For now, a few quick updates.

I think I mentioned that Rohan has taken his first step about two weeks ago. I really mean a single accidental step, but I think he enjoyed it. He took his second step today. Again a single step, but intentional this time. He is clearly trying to walk, so I think it won't be long now that he has set his mind to it.

Little Rohan has been quite sick lately, but he is on his way to recovery. Clearly his physical fitness has not suffered, but the same cannot be said of the parents. Surprise... :)

We spent last week in Calicut - again - and Rajiv had a great time with all his cousins. We went swimming and he loved being in the pool, sticking like a clam to mamma or aunt Shal. He had water wings - or whatever you called those things in American English? - but he used them mostly as a fashion statement. We will definitely try swimming classes again this summer, I am sure he will love it this time around. (There she goes again, mamma, jinxing herself.)

Let me close with a short mamma-Appu conversation. The scene opens with Appu hitting mamma (not too hard) as if keeping a particular beat.

m: Appu! No hitting! Is mamma a drum?
A: No.. No, no! Mamma is not a drum.

(Keeps thinking...)

A: Mamma is a BIG drum! Yeah!


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