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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharp News

A grande richiesta... il primo dentino di Rohan! Il piccolino ha anche la tosse e il raffreddore, povero - e povera anche la mamma, con la tosse e il raffreddore anche lei, e con un bimbo malaticcio e dolorante. Ma Rohan cerca di mantenere il buon umore ed e' simpatico e tenero come sempre!

Guess who just got his first square millimeter of exposed tooth: could it be our little smiling hero, who is about to lose his stage-name "Toothless Wonder"?

Unfortunately little Kunju is also a bit sick, bothered day and night by cough and running nose, but he keeps smiling his way through the day as much as possible. Go Rohan! - soon to be known as "Jaws" (and quite fittingly as we speak he is trying to bite my feet under the table).


Happy birthday, Rohan! Today Rohan turns eight months old.

Buon Compleanno, Rohan! Oggi Rohan compie otto mesi.

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