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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nonna was here

Appu is doing better, thank you for your concern. He still coughs and sneezes but the fever is gone. Today by the way he is absolutely unbearable, so your sympathies should go to the mom instead :) I just finished scrubbing a cushion on which he more or less intentionally poured a bowl of vegetable soup. Argh.

The dad has fallen sick too and is not too happy, but he will get over it. Says the mom who is still feeling fine - for now.

Anyway, my mother left yesterday and we hope she reached home without any problems. We had a nice time with her, in spite of all the sniffles.

At the end of my last post, we had plans to go to the Louvre. We went and it was quite nice, here are some pictures. I'm not big on taking posed pics in front of the main attractions, so no Monna Lisa, sorry, but you can see Rohan playing with his dad in the atrium of the museum.

I know, not your regular Louvre memory shot. How about this, then? No kids though, because they are both asleep in their carriers. Appu is under his dad's jacket, see the bump? Yeah, I know, not really. Sorry...

The next day we went to La Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie (sorry for the missing accents, I have no patience to find out how to type them right now), where they have the Cite des Enfants, a really cool area for kids. It is supposedly an interactive science exhibition for kids aged two and up, but it really is a huge playground. They book 90 min visits with a limited number of spots, so it is not crowded and in the time of the visit you cannot run out of things to do. Appu had a blast, playing with gears, simple wooden machines, mirrors and the large pretend construction site. Too bad I hadn't charged my camera.

Other noteworthy moments of nonna Laura's visit involved lots of french food, a pasta with pesto, and some cuddling with the littlest one. It turns out that nonna and Rohan share a passion for sleep, warm beds and thick comforters.

A couple more pictures from just before nonna left - and please notice Appu in his favorite pose watching Dora in front of the laptop.

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