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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Toronto trip and byebyes

Nonna Laura has just left and it feels a bit lonely to be again in an empty house. We won't miss he biblical (now maybe this is an "italianism"?) get ready times in the mornings but we will miss that extra friendly presence in our daily life. We will see her in a couple of weeks, but it is still sad to say bye.

We all went to Toronto on Wednesday and it was a nice trip. As usual, it turned out to be mostly a shopping trip, but we managed to include a little sightseeing, a lot of walking under the sun, some enjoyable if not too typical activity like a South Indian lunch complete with idlis, dosas and other goodies, and some less enjoyable but unfortunately typical activities like a long visit to the Italian consulate.

A few pictures of TO:

Here is Appu with his brand new "zebra socks", which you just can't cover with shoes, it's not done :)

And helped by dad, Appu takes his first picture. In the background mamma (with a little Rohan bundle) and nonna Laura, can you see us?

A little rest and diaper changes at the lakeshore.

This is a nice picture of my mom, I think. She looks unusual and younger, although she disagrees (on the "unusual", actually :D ).

The CN Tower, on which we didn't go, but at least this time we walked nearby before making a detour to the Mountain Equipment Coop, so I would say it counts as a touristic activity.

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  1. ... forse l'elemento inusuale consiste nel fatto che quel giorno ero tranquilla, contenta e rilassata .... e questo ha reso la mia espressione inusuale ...