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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a boy!

Or so it seems... the ultrasound technician said it was quite clear. (This should disprove once and for all the flat belly/ pointy belly theory.)

Of course now we are having second thoughts about the name, so suggestions are welcome and we will keep you updated on our indecisions.

E il responso dell'ecografia e'... e' un maschio! Un piccolo fratellino per il piccolo Appu. Siamo di nuovo indecisi sul nome, quindi suggerite pure.


  1. Non è che nella famiglia di Sujay hanno solo cromosomi Y? :-)
    Pronti per la guerra del nome!

  2. LOL! at Emiliano's comment!!

    Well, the viking is also a one chromosome (trick) pony - so welcome to THAT club.

    Rajiv and his brother are gonna love each other!