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Friday, January 30, 2009

Good times

A few snaps of Rajiv and his big cousin Jaydev from our trip to Coorg. The rest of the pictures were all taken with chicha's camera and as usual I can't wait to see them. Hint hint... :)

Seguono un po' di foto di Rajiv con il cuginetto Jaydev - quattro anni! e eroe di Rajiv. Le foto sono della settimana scorsa, durante la gita a Coorg, "la Scozia dell'India". Purtroppo di paesaggi in queste foto non se ne vedono, ma non erano niente male!

Aha, we meet again!

Faster and faster on the red chicken... A real challenge, worthy of serious sport photography!


Of course not!

But enough pictures already!!


  1. Super cute snaps! loved the bumper to bumper one!!

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