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Monday, August 13, 2007

Foto di oggi

Sempre con la webcam, purtroppo.


  1. Am I imagining this or does he look like Suju here?

  2. ... ciao musetto, che begli occhioni che hai ....

  3. ... sì, è vero, somiglia molto a Sujay in questa foto .. (... ma chi è Shiv ?)

  4. hi shiv, don't flatter him too much, but he's getting there :-)

    more seriously, he has become a Serious Smiler now. also, he Finally seems to have figured out that E and I are not out to get him or the milk. so now a) we prop him up b) he focuses on us a bit fuzzily c) thinks a moment and d) breaks into a wonderful totally toothless smile. [this also explains why some old people look cuter as they get older: they don't have teeth. i can't wait to lose mine...]