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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby essentials: the Lufthansa blanket

The best thing S. and I did since Rajiv was born was stealing a blanket from the Lufthansa flight on the way to India. He was so cute all wrapped up in it in the plane that we decided to keep it, but only some time later did we discover the magic powers of the blanket. With it little Rajiv would sleep anywhere - ok, careful positioning and wrapping and patting and caressing rhythmically his head keeping the other hand on his belly are also necessary, but still... In fact we wouldn't mind starting a small airlines blankets collection, so if you happen to be traveling long distance by plane, think of us...


  1. Hay hay.. nazar na lag jaye bete ko! Take this utterly butterly cute photo off the blog now - Fear the evil eye:-) I swear he gets cuter by the day.. and is it just me or is he rounding out?
    Adu faithfully kissed the picture as soon as he saw it online. Such a loyal fan!

    And amen to airline blankets.. we also stole a SAS one in our time and we travelled everywhere with it. They should sell them in baby stores!

  2. Ultra-cute! Which one of you is taking the pictures - they're pretty good, especially the one in the header of his toes :) Keep 'em coming, I am subscribed to this blog and look forward to the updates.

  3. All pictures are taken by eleonora with her precious camera. i'm the light guy (who turns on the lights in the room)...

  4. I shall endeavour to do my best to steal from Emirates. Least I can do for the boy with Totti feet...


  5. grrr, deeps. but the blanket shall be accepted with glee :)